Best Budget Android Auto Head Units Under $200, Tested and Reviewed

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Even if you’re on a budget, the best cheap android auto head unit can deliver great audio and display quality.

Best Budget Android Auto Head Unit

I wanted to make sure that my list of budget Android Auto head units was as comprehensive and accurate as possible, so I conducted extensive research into the products available.

I looked at my favourite online retailers, examined customer reviews and ratings, combed through manufacturer websites, and even tested out 5 of the head units myself.

After doing final testing with my friend Nathan Brown – Professional Car Audio Installer, we both agree that, ATOTO A6 PF is the overall best Android Auto Head Unit for most users.

It has a 7″ touchscreen display, wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and two full size USB ports. The ATOTO A6 PF also supports multiple audio formats with an included physical EQ button and 3D sound field. It even has a built-in amplifier that will power your car’s speakers to their full potential.

But those want a free backup camera with the head unit can go with Sound Storm DD988ACP. And those who want single DIN android head unit in their car, should go with Boss BCPA10.

Below you can read the reviews, pros and cons!

Best Budget Android Auto Head Unit of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

1. ATOTO A6 PF – The Best Budget Android Auto Head Unit

Our Pick

1. ATOTO A6 PF - The Best Budget Android Auto Head Unit


  • 7″ HD Responsive Touchscreen Display
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • HD Backup camera Support
  • 36 Band EQ, 200 Watts Peak Power

Key Features

The ATOTO A6 combines powerful performance, premium build quality, and an intuitive UI for a completely new experience.

The highlighting feature of this head unit is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can use this feature in this head unit after connecting your phone with the receiver through a USB cable. The CarPlay and Android Auto work great, also after testing, we didn’t find any lag.

This Android Car Stereo features full-time voice guidance with the built-in GPS Navigation system however, it depends on your smartphone for WiFi/BT tethering internet sharing. 

Built-in hands-free call capability and intelligent Siri natural language command works flawlessly. Bluetooth media streaming allows you to listen without interrupting your driving. 

With its five different gestures, it’s guaranteed that you’ll have an easy time entering menus or making adjustments to the display brightness levels.

Helpful Review

I was initially hesitant about ATOTO head units after watching some YouTube reviews, but I’m happy to report that I’ve been very impressed with mine so far.

The touchscreen is very responsive and easy to use, which makes navigating the menus and selecting apps a breeze. Wireless Apple CarPlay is a game changer – it connects quickly and lets me access all my favorite music and phone features without any lag.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the ATOTO head unit. It’s a high-quality and reliable aftermarket radio that I would definitely recommend to others.


  • 7-inch IPS LCD Touchscreen Display
  • 1080 x 600 Full HD Resolution
  • Built-in GPS Navigation system
  • Built-in CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Power Peak: 4 x 45 watts
  • RMS: 4 x 24 watts
  • Dual Bluetooth (5.0 and BT2: 4.0)
  • MirrorLink Supported via easy connect app
  • Dual USB and Aux Input
  • 2V Subwoofer Output
  • 4 channel Audio Output for an external amp
  • HD Rearview Camera Input
  • 1-Year Warranty


  • Responsive Touchscreen Display
  • Two Second Fast Bootup time
  • Dual Front and rear USB input
  • Simple and easy to use UI
  • Great Customer Support
  • Available at a low price


  • Doesn’t support a large number of app

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2. Sound Storm DD988ACP – Another Budget friendly head unit

This is another affordable head unit that comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It comes with a large LCD touchscreen display which offers a capacitive touch. 

Both CarPlay and Android Auto work only via USB connection. However, there is a similar model of head unit that comes with a wireless CarPlay feature but the price is high.

Hands-Free Calling and wireless music streaming via built-in Bluetooth work great. The only thing this head unit lacks is the CD/DVD player. However, there are many ways in which you can play videos and audio such as USB connection, Aux, or via YouTube, Spotify, or Pandora through CarPlay or Android Auto.

The Android Auto and CarPlay also works via the voice command feature with which you can simply play audio or make calls and many more thing through your voice.

The USB input is present at the back of the head unit which is slightly tough to reach but you can also use it to charge your phone at a decent speed.

Helpful Review

After Using this head unit for Three months, and I got impressed!

I was looking for a budget-friendly option with wireless CarPlay for my older car, and this unit definitely delivered. It boots up quickly and connects to my phone seamlessly. CarPlay has been flawless – Apple Maps, Spotify, calls, and messages all work just as smoothly as in my newer car’s head unit.

However, the built-in tuner is a bit of a letdown. Reception is weak, making it unusable for stations with anything less than a strong signal. But hey, that’s a minor detail for someone who primarily uses CarPlay.

Sound quality is surprisingly good for the price point. It gets plenty loud, and the touchscreen is responsive. My only minor gripe is the mute button – it can be finicky at times.

Limited Bluetooth testing, but seems reliable. I haven’t used it extensively, but my initial tests have been positive. Android Auto also worked well during my brief experimentation.

Overall, this head unit is a great choice if CarPlay or Android Auto is your primary focus. It delivers excellent value for the price, with a few minor trade-offs.


  • 6.75-inch LCD Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Resolution: 800 x 480
  • Power Peak: 320 watts
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Built-in Pandora and Spotify
  • Wired CarPlay/ Android Auto
  • Rear USB and 3.5mm Aux Input
  • Built-in 10 Band Equalizer
  • Compatible with Steering wheel Control
  • Compatible with Backup Camera


  • Easy to install due to its small chassis size
  • Great Hands-free Calling quality
  • Responsive touch
  • Affordable Price tag


  • Unfortunately, there is no warranty coverage with this unit
  • Sometimes Apple CarPlay stop working
  • No-CD/DVD

3. Boss Audio Systems BCPA10 – Best Single Din Android Car Stereo

This is the latest model released by Boss last year. It comes with a huge 10.1″ capacitive touchscreen display which is quite sleek and stylish.

Both Android Auto & CarPlay works great!

Both are fully integrated into the vehicle’s infotainment system and make it easy for drivers of any age to use their phones safely while on the road.

With no DVD player jacks or inserts, this system will fit in any vehicle space wall mounted you want it to be without taking up too much room! 

And with advanced connectivity options like wireless FM radio, playback is enhanced to give you great audio quality wherever it may need to go!

SPOTLESS SOUND: You’ll get nothing but high-resolution FLAC audio that won’t disappoint sound lovers of all ages. 

Steering wheel control compatibility lets drivers easily adjust volume anytime they need which means no more hands-on work at stoplights or when making challenges.

Helpful Review

My 2009 Tahoe had a long-serving aftermarket stereo installed over a decade ago. It was a solid Alpine 1U unit, but at $700+, the whole setup felt outdated. Technology had marched on, and I craved Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming. Unfortunately, the Alpine lacked Bluetooth, forcing me to rely on a clunky, unreliable Bluetooth dongle plugged into the back’s USB port. Frequent hard reboots of the Alpine were necessary to get a decent BT connection – frustrating to say the least!

Enough was enough! I started researching online for a new head unit. My priorities were a screen for a more modern experience while maintaining the original 1U size constraint. This unit ticked all the boxes, and I opted for the 9-inch display version.

The original aftermarket installation leveraged PAC modules to integrate the receiver with the steering wheel controls and other Tahoe features. Thankfully, I didn’t need to buy new interface modules when swapping the receiver – a big plus!

The most challenging part was deciphering the existing wire colors, confirming compatibility with the new unit, and then meticulously splicing the old harness with the new radio’s harness. This took about 45 minutes. After a quick adjustment to the PAC SWC-1 for Boss, everything functioned flawlessly!

The sound quality is fantastic, the price is excellent, and the large display is a game-changer. Absolutely recommend this head unit upgrade!


  • 10.1 Inch Capacitive LCD Display
  • Built-in Android Auto
  • Bluetooth for music streaming/hands-free
  • Power Output: 320 Watts
  • Built-in 13-band EQ
  • Support USB Charging
  • Support High Res-FLAC Audio
  • Three Pre-Amp Output
  • Single input: USB, AV, backup camera, and SWC Control
  • 3-Years Warranty support


  • Fits in any vehicle due to its small chassis size
  • Large and bright touchscreen display
  • Android Auto works with mostly all android phones
  • Clear and Loud Audio Quality
  • Numerous customizable settings
  • Volume knob


  • The USB input is present at the back of the head unit, you will required an external USB extension
  • The built-in equalizer is not that great

6. BOSS Audio Systems Elite BE7ACP 


This double din head unit from Boss comes with a 7-inch LCD Capacitive touchscreen display.

The audio quality of this double is quite loud and clear due to its high power peak built-in amp. You can also find multi-band built-in equalizer settings like Bass, Treble Balance, Fader, and more. Both Hands-Free Calling and wireless music streaming via Spotify and Pandora work great. 

On the left side of the display, you can find volume, power, Siri Eyes Free button, mic button with an SD Card slot, which is quite useful for daily use.

Helpful Review

I’ve been using this head unit for a few months now and feel comfortable sharing my experience.

Apple CarPlay on Hold:

Unfortunately, I haven’t tested Apple CarPlay yet. During installation, the USB cable wasn’t connected to the unit’s rear port (which is a bit tricky to access). Since CarPlay requires a wired connection, this feature remains unexplored.

Touch and Functionality:

The touchscreen works flawlessly, and the overall functionality is good. However, the Bluetooth connectivity is a major concern.

Frustrating Bluetooth:

My phone disconnects randomly, sometimes refusing to connect unless I restart the system by turning the car off and on. Even when connected, the audio quality can become patchy. This is quite disappointing considering the unit’s reputation for strong Bluetooth performance. While the Bluetooth issues significantly hinder my experience, other features seem to work well.

Pending Features:

The installation is incomplete; the backup camera and Apple CarPlay still need to be set up. Once CarPlay is functional, I’ll update this review.

Microphone Woes:

The hands-free calling microphone isn’t great. The sound quality is poor for the listener, and voice texting is a struggle – often resulting in hilarious misunderstandings, but ultimately frustrating.

Final Verdict:

This head unit isn’t terrible, but the poor Bluetooth performance is a major letdown. While I remain optimistic about Apple CarPlay (which was the primary reason for purchase), the current Bluetooth issues significantly impact my experience.


  • Seven-inch Capacitive touchscreen Display
  • Built-in ten band equalizer
  • Support Hands-Free Calling and music streaming via Bluetooth
  • 4 x 80 watts Power Peak
  • 4 x 20 watts RMS
  • Built-in Siri Eyes Free Button
  • Six Channe Preamp Output (4V)
  • Rear USB Input
  • Front Micro SD Card Input
  • Dual Backup Camera input
  • AV Input(RCA)
  • Three-year warranty


  • Easy to install
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto works great
  • Responsive touchscreen display
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Some devices do not work with Android Auto

5. Pioneer AVH-210EX

This double din head unit is probably not the cheapest option in the market but the best and the cheapest head unit option from Pioneer.

The Pioneer AVH-210EX comes with a seven-inch LCD touchscreen display with a multi-illumination effect for the buttons which are present at the bottom of the display.

This head unit is not compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay due to its low end price.

The other best thing about this head unit is its quality audio due to its high-quality built-in amp and 13 band built-in equalizer.

You can use Spotify or Pandora for audio streaming or even directly connect your device for listing music.

You will get all the components in the box of the stereo that will be required to install the stereo in your vehicle. It includes a wiring harness, USB cable, screws, mic, user manual, warranty card, and some other basic stuff.

Helpful Review

After installing a new sound system in my Genesis Coupe, I spent a considerable amount of time researching head units. YouTube reviews proved invaluable in comparing touch screen responsiveness. This unit consistently displayed the fastest response times, with actions registering nearly instantaneously compared to others that lagged a second or two behind.

Thankfully, real-world performance matched these reviews. The touch screen is incredibly responsive and offers a wide range of customization options, exceeding my expectations. From subwoofer settings and speaker levels to listening positions, it allows for fine-tuning the audio experience.


  • 6.2” WVGA Touchscreen Display
  • Resolution: 800 x 480
  • CD/DVD Player
  • Power Peak: 200 watts
  • RMS: 4 x 14 watts
  • 13 Band EQ
  • Android Auto/ Apple CarPlay
  • Bluetooth 4.0 For Hands-Free/ Audio Streaming
  • Input: 1 rear Aux, 1 USB, and Backup Camera
  • Six Channel Preamp Output for video (4Volt)
  • 12-months warranty


  • Built-in CD/DVD Player
  • Strong Bluetooth Connection
  • High Power preamp output
  • Responsive Display


  • Might be Difficult to install


Below are some frequently asked questions related to this post.

Is it safe to use an infotainment system while driving?

The AAA study found that navigating via programming is the most distracting task for drivers. And according to researchers, there are safer alternatives such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay which can be used instead of native infotainment systems in your vehicle with no increased risks whatsoever even when talking on a phone hands free!

Which Android head unit is best?

I would recommend the ATOTO A6 PF. It’s a great unit with lots of features, and it’s very user-friendly. Plus, the support from ATOTO is excellent, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality product.

What head units are compatible with Android Auto?

If you’re looking for a head unit that’s compatible with Android Auto, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that the head unit has an Android Auto-specific logo or branding. Second, check the list of compatible devices on the Android Auto website to make sure your specific device is supported. Finally, consider buying a car with built-in Android Auto support – many of the latest models from major automakers offer this feature.

Can I install Android Auto on my head unit?

Yes, you can install Android Auto on your head unit. However, you may need to purchase a compatible unit if your current one doesn’t have the Android Auto software installed. Additionally, you’ll need an Android smartphone that’s running 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher in order to use the Android Auto app. Once you have those things set up, simply open the Android Auto app on your phone and connect to the head unit using a USB cable.

Are Android head units worth it?

If you’re looking for a quality Android head unit, then absolutely, they’re worth it! You’ll be able to enjoy all the features and benefits that come along with an Android operating system in your car, including hands-free operation, Google Maps integration, and access to all your favorite apps.

Are Chinese head units good?

There are a lot of different head units on the market, and it can be tough to decide which one to buy. A Chinese head unit might be a good option if you’re looking for something affordable that still has some good features.

Make sure to do your research before you buy, though, because not all Chinese head units are created equal. Some models may have lower quality construction or fewer features than others. Also, be aware that most Chinese head units are designed for the Asian market, so they might not have all the same functions as a head unit that’s meant for North American buyers.

Bottom Line

So, if you’re looking for a quality budget Android Auto Head Unit, any of the receivers on our list will do the trick. Plus, they all have great customer reviews, so you can be sure that you’re getting a product that is worth your money. Have you decided which one to buy? Let us know in the comments below!

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