How to Bypass a DVD Player While Driving Car: 3 Easy Ways

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How to Bypass a DVD Player While Driving a Car

Are you wondering why your car’s DVD player doesn’t work while you drive, but it perfectly works when you park the car?

Manufacturers often apply certain security measures by wiring your DVD player with the parking brakes. Therefore, whenever you want to turn the DVD player on, you have to park the vehicle.

Whether it is an SUV or a minivan, having a DVD player in the car is a risky business. That said, a DVD player in a vehicle is not meant to distract the driver. Instead, it is there for entertaining passengers.

With all that said, installing a DVD screen in the front is illegal in many places.

However, you can install it in a way that ensures it does not distract the driver. If you want to learn how to bypass a DVD player while driving a car, then you are at the right place.

How Parking Brake Triggers DVD Player

When you get a pioneer radio, you will notice a long green wire coming out of the harness, which is sometimes pink. This wire, when connected with the parking brakes, sends negative signals to your pioneer radio.

So, playing the DVD while the parking brakes are on can unlock various features that you can’t access while the car is moving. In some radios, you can ground the wire out as the wire’s end coming from the DVD player looks for a negative. Therefore, you can ground that wire to the chassis ground or harness ground, and the DVD player will function as you drive.

Keep in mind that this works for Kenwood or JBC radios. But, for pioneer radios, things work differently. Unlike other radios, pioneer radios need connection as well as on and off options. Now, you may be thinking about how to play DVDs on pioneer’s radio.

Well, there are numerous ways you can get your pioneer radio to work while driving. We’ll share some effective methods. If any of these techniques works, then you are good to go.

Type of Navigation Systems

Car navigation systems are of different types. The first system has a built-in DVD player installed in a new car and the second one has a separate DVD slot or multiple slots. Most built-in DVD players do not work while driving. However, a detachable DVD slot will play while the car is in motion.

The built-in DVD connects with the dashboard and parking brakes—meanwhile, the portable devices links with the car’s power outlet. Different connections indicate why you can’t and can access the DVD player while the vehicle is in motion.

How to Bypass DVD Player While Driving a Car

Want to learn how to play video in the car while driving? If yes, then you should try these step-by-step guides:

1.  Using Ground Wire

Step 1

Remove the receiver from the dashboard.

Step 2

Locate the ground wire with -12 volts. In most vehicles, the color of this wire is black, which will make it easier to find the right wire. If you cannot find the right wire, you can check the reference chart specific to your car’s model. This wire connects with the parking brake, preventing the DVD player from functioning while the vehicle’s tires are moving.

Step 3

Cut the ground wire ends from the new DVD player and the navigation system. The exposed wire can be ½ inch to ¼ inch.

Step 4

Now you can connect the wires by twisting them together. Covering the wire caps with the end cap will be perfect. However, you can also use electrical tape if you don’t have end caps.

Step 5

Install the unit back into the car. While placing the panel back, make sure that the wire doesn’t come loose.

Step 6

Turn on the DVD player to test whether it works or not.

2. Installing DVD Player Bypass

If the first method doesn’t work for you then you can try this simple method.

The second method is installing a demo or DVD bypass. You can install micro bypass for watching videos, however, you need to buy the right one for your stereo. Below we have listed some micro bypass for different car stereo brands.

microbypass for car stereo

Here is how you can install this micro bypass in your car.

Step 1

Take the demo or micro bypass, which contains three or four wires. Connect the black wire with the ground that would be negative.

Step 2

The blue wire will go to the remote or DVD panel.

Step 3

Now attach the green wire with the parking brakes.

Finally, you will be able to play the DVD while your car is on the move.

3.  Installing a Toggle Switch

Now if the ground wire technique to bypass the DVD player doesn’t work, you can install a toggle switch.

Step 1

You need to buy a small toggle switch. Any type of switch will work.

Step 2

Now, take the wire from the parking brake and connect it with the switch. Connect the switch in a way that the wire coming out of the radio leads to the switch.

Step 3

After connecting the switch with the radio, connect the wire coming out of the switch to the ground.

Step 4

Once you are done connecting the wire, you can simply turn on the radio with the switch.


When the parking brakes are on, you won’t be able to get to the Bluetooth settings. Also, if you want to watch something on DVD, you won’t get to the interface unless the parking brakes are on. The only reason for such restriction is safety.

But, with broken parking brakes, you won’t be able to play DVD player in the parking mode either. Once you follow the methods discussed in this piece, you can learn how to bypass the DVD player while driving a car.

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